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At The Life Teachings, we try to explore limitless possibilities by appreciating our experiences and the valuable lessons learned from them. We believe in creating happiness and help everyone to feel the beauty of love and care. We work towards enabling hope for our people who might feel lost or just, not well at some point in their life. We dream of a world full of positive vibes and energy that is pure, care that is genuine, love that is unconditional, and trust that is unshakable.

We can imagine a world where everyone is benefited and encouraged by everyone else. Regardless of their age, gender, community, religion and everything that can possibly divide humans and hurt humanity ♥️

Daily Mantras

Little Mantras. Great Meaning. Greater outcomes if implemented.

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Questions& Answers.

We answer all your questions that have been bringing you down or keeping you in distress. Feel free to share your problems and challenges anonymously and we will help you by giving solutions.We don't charge you for this. It's FREE. The only thing that you are expected to pay is attention to your problems and never ignore them.

Wait no more!

For counselling sessions or collaboration send an email :

My passion is to create smiles and spread kindness. I am always looking for positives in all my life experiences and thus, stay happy 99.9% of times. For, I believe there should always be a room for improvements. Let's talk & find a fit.