What we do

We celebrate life. We learn from experiences. We spread kindness. We create smiles. We grow together. We share love and care. We believe in humanity, positivity and power of happiness. We have conversations about failures life and lessons learnt from those beautiful mistakes.

How we do

In The Life Teachings, we try to explore limitless possibilities by appreciating our experiences and the valuable lessons learnt from them. Where, we believe in creating happiness and help everyone to feel the beauty of love. We work towards enabling hope for our people who might feel lost or just, not well at some point in their life.

Meet the Human behind


Pawan Singh Mehta

An IT Graduate, passionate soul, lively nature, persistent approach, sincere attitude and a kind heart describe me best.

I am not a professional or trained writer, if that matters. I write about what I have lived and believe in.

I write about moments that made me fall in love with life, a little more. I write about experiences and learnings that I believe can make a difference in someone’s life. I write about hope and how it can make you do things that you once believed to be impossible.

I love to create smiles and spread happiness. I am addicted to the feeling of love, care and kindness. I seek vibes and energy that is pure and positive