Q) What should be done when broken relationships make us weak and leave us devastated?

A) It depends on how you look at any particular situation. Whatever may be the reason for the failure of the relationship, there are two possibilities. Either you can mend it or you cannot. If you can and if you feel that it’s worth it then, you really should. And if it’s not then, you know that you deserve better.

Feeling devastated and weak doesn’t depend solely on the relationships but it depends on the individual that how strong he/she is and how positively he/she can take on that situation. Because, let alone the issues of broken relationships even if there is any sort of failure, the less stronger person will tend to feel weak and devastated whereas the person with greater self esteem, stronger self belief, and with the positive outlook towards life will take it with both hands and respond accordingly.

Q) Also, broken relationships distract us from our aim.

A) If there is anything that distracts you from your aim then trust me that, it isn’t your aim at first place. Still, if we consider that to be an aim then again, it takes great sense of responsibility and commitment to fulfill any dream or purpose. If an individual lacks that then, it’s difficult to achieve any aim or purpose.

On the contrary, by all of this I do not mean that you have to be in any relationship just for the sake of it. No. You never should be in any relationship or for that matter, in anything if you don’t feel right or positive about it. It is very essential to have your conscious with yourself. Be it any commitment, challenge, engagement or activity you need to set your priorities right and then, act accordingly. That means, if you do not want to get into any relationship then you don’t really need to. Always value your space and believe in the energy.

The solution is not that you do not take any challenge or ignore them but to enjoy them and live and grow through them. That’s where we learn what textbooks do not teach us. That’s where experiences comes into picture and help us become the better us.

Q) Will these experience not make us weak?

A) A German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche once said – “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.” It is true when one looks forward to learn from his/her experiences and not get bury under them. So, it is on us to decide what we want for us – to become stronger or to turn weaker because of the hardships in our life. One thing is for sure and that is you can’t conquer anything without experiencing setbacks, without facing failures and if you want to grow through these experiences then, you need to look forward to learn from them. You need to look up to positives. And when you do this, you become stronger and better than before.