Q) When we feel like doing something, we take the responsibility and do it with full dedication but eventually as time passes the strength of that feeling fade away, which ultimately affects the consistency of doing any work. How to keep that feeling alive and strength of that feeling strong enough so that we are able to achieve our aim?

A) Stay focused now by understanding what it takes and following below-mentioned steps. What you asked is very common and almost everyone faces this at least once in their life. You need to know and understand that things that are good in nature always demands efforts and dedication whereas things that aren’t positive or constructive are relatively simple and easy to do.

Let’s consider an example here – It takes great efforts to acquire knowledge about anything in this world that in turn makes you intelligent and wise, whereas to be a stupid or foolish, you just need to be ignorant in life. That’s it. Thus, things that come easy in life may not be worthy of what we want in our life.

Having said that, to achieve anything in life you need to be ever ready for whatever it takes and stay focused. It certainly will test you and your commitment to it. The solution of how to do it lies in your understanding of what you want to do in your life and how badly you want it.

Life isn’t easy and there are so many things that take your time, energy, efforts and might leave you with nothing. That’s when you need to ask yourself that what does it mean to you, how much you value it, where do you place it in your priority list and, what are you doing for it. These questions should be in your mind every night before you choose to sleep and every morning you open your eyes. Every day without fail.

How to do that isn’t an issue but doing it every day might be one. Hence, to deal with that we need some best practices for ourselves that we need to stick to stay motivated and more importantly, not let that feeling of its importance fade away.

If I were at your place, I would have followed these steps to stay focused. Please check them out and see, if they help.

  • Write down your goal not on a diary that you might ignore when you want but at a place that reminds you of it. Every time. Every day.
  • Schedule your day. Prioritize accordingly.
  • Visualize it. Live your goal.
  • Talk to yourself about your aim. Talk to people who count on you.
  • Surround yourself with people/things that make you feel better. People who are positive and inspiring.
  • Watch/listen/read to videos/podcasts/books that talk about your goals. That motivates you. That helps you connect to your goals.
  • Think of the ways that make you feel good and positive and connect them with your goals.
  • Visit The Life Teachings regularly. 😀