Q) If Nothing Lasts Forever should we still have relationships?

A) We, as human beings are not here forever. We are not even 1% of an entire world and have a life span of even less than that of entire time of human existence. So, you see we aren’t permanent either. We won’t last forever too.

But then, that doesn’t mean that we do not wake up every day and learn new things and work hard every day. It’s about making your presence count. It’s about how much you can enjoy with whatever you have in this lifetime. And, always giving your best and just moving ahead, sometimes with a success and most of the time, with a loss. Still, we keep moving ahead. Right?

Same is with relationships too. You can’t control the future. You can just control to love what you have and protect what you love and appreciate the beauty of it till it lasts. Enjoy the little moments that touch your heart and make you happy. That supports your ideas and matches your energy. And, hold on till it does not affect you negatively.

And when it does, you know that nothing lasts forever. You win. You lose. You learn. You improve. You become a better person. Take those experiences with you. Appreciate them. That’s how you move ahead. That’s how you live life. Never ever forget that happiness is important. You are important.